Dr. Sidney Chonowski

Dr. Sidney Chonowski graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1978. Prior to studying at dental school, he attended Pratt Institute and graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Following graduation, Dr. Chonowski continued his dental training by completing a General Practice Residency in General Dentistry at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Chonowski received the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry in 1986.

Dr. Chonowski been practicing at his Morristown location since 1979. Since he began practicing dentistry, Dr. Chonowski kept up to date by taking many continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. He recently completed a one year course on dental implants. He has been certified in Invisalign and most recently in the new Perio Protect system for periodontal health. He is taking courses at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Training.

Dr. Chonowski is an attending dentist at Morristown Memorial Hospital. He is a past vice chairman of the Dental department. He has been selected to be the Member-At-Lodge of the Medical Executive Committee for the Dental Department. He has lectured on diabetes and dental issues related to diabetes, sleep apnea and snoring and on the new "deep bleaching" system. He is Co-Chairperson for the Curricullum Committee.

Dr. Chonowski has been nominated to the prestigious National Dental Practice Based Research Network which is composed of an exclusive network of highly qualified dentists engaged in leading edge research sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIH). The goal of this large research project is to improve the quality of dental care. For information on NDPBRN, go to their website www.nationaldentalpbrn.org . Dr. Chonowski has been nominated to be on the advisory board of the NDPBRN. He has been appointed the leading clinician on two research projects, one is on dental hypersensitivity and the other is on cracked teeth which are ongoing studies.

Dr. Chonowski has recently been appointed a Professor of Dental Medicine at the University of Rochester Eastman School of Oral Medicine. He recently gave a presentation there on the research projects he is involved with in the NDPBRN.

Dr. Chonowski has recently been appointed a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine where is teaches 3rd and 4th year dental students every Wednesday.

Dr. Chonowski has recently completed a certification course for the FBI and is a volunteer for local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on dental coding unidentifed and missing persons.

Dr. Chonowski has been certified in use of dental lasers by the Academy of Dental Lasers. He is also certified by the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to make sleep apnea and snoring appliances.

Dr. Chonowski is a member of the American Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association, Tri-County Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, American Acadamy of Implant Dentistry, Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, Morris Seminars, Bergen County Dental Implant Study Club, Morris Area Dentists Association and the Morristown chapter of the Seattle Dental Study Club.

Dr. Chonowski is on the Board of Trustees for the New Jersey Dental Association. He is the Membership Chairperson for the Tri-County Dental Association. He is also on the Peer Review Committee for the dental association.

Dr. Chonowski lives in Randolph and is married to Jane who is a special education teacher in Florham Park. He has two daughters, Nicole, who is married to Charles and they have a two sons, Eli and Andrew. His other daughter, Randi is married to Adam and they have a daughter, Marley and a son, Spencer.

Dr. Chonowski in his spare time is a sports enthusiast. He plays golf and tennis. He roots for the Mets, Giants and Devils. He roots for his favorite college teams, the University of Michigan Wolverines (his daughter Nicole and husband Charles are graduates) and the Indiana University Hoosiers (his daughter Randi and her husband Adam are graduates). Go Blue and Go Big Red.

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