Deep Bleaching

There is no one visit fast bleaching technique today that makes teeth the very whitest they can be. The "DEEP BLEACHING" technique was developed by me and others to combine and modify several techniques to give the most effective teeth whitening technique known today. Patients who previously were unable to bleach their teeth as they would have liked (because of bleaching resistant teeth or acute sensitivity) can now bleach significantly whiter.

Everyone's teeth have a natural biologic limitof how white teeth can get. Historically, once you reahed that limit, no amout of additional bleaching would whiten your teeth more. However, this "Deep Bleaching" system will extend this previous limit and allow for additional whitening.

This special "Deep Bleaching " technique of custom made Deep Bleaching trays is the reason the technique works so well. The unique trays allow room for excess bleaching gel which is sealed at the gum line. Other trays do not seal the gum line so the bleach in these trays is sucked and washed out very quickly by your saliva and very little depth of bleaching occurs. You may have heard that certain types of bleach have acid in them which can damage, fillings, crowns, bondings and the roots of your teeth. The Deep Bleaching Gel you will receive from our office has absolutely no acid whatsoever and will not damage teeth or restoration.

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